WP Discourse Widgets plugin for WordPress

(Vinoth Kannan) #1

This is a WordPress plugin to display Discourse content as widgets. Currently it only have ‘Topics Widget’ with three variations.


  • Topics Widget
  • Custom widget title.
  • Control how many topics should display.
  • Filter topics by
    Latest - topics with recent posts
    New - topics created in the last few days
    Top - most active topics

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(Sebastian) #2

I left some ideas in the wordpress support forums for this plugin

(Sebastian) #3

Actually, @vinothkannans I have another problem. In some browsers the widget isn’t even showing… that I havent posted in View: [Discourse Widgets] Support « WordPress.org Forums yet… what’s the development status of this plugin?

(Vinoth Kannan) #4

I am not working on this plugin regularly. But I am ready to fix the bugs. Can you please show me an example (URL and browser) where you have the problem.

(Sebastian) #5

not showing in latest Chrome (Mac) on www.tarantino.info, but in Firefox (for reference, should be in the left sidebar, 2nd widget from the top).

what about the other issue (see wordpress forum)?

(Steve Combs) #6

Would love to see this include restricted categories now that API keys are supported.

Would you just need to change the URL to support the different specs for each RSS?

Maybe another option for Custom to go with Latest and Top.

(Vinoth Kannan) #7

@Sebastianh, actually the plugin you linked is not mine. Anyway as I said I fixed it. You have to use this repo to have the fixed version of that plugin.

@scombs, you don’t need API keys for any category publicly viewable even if that is restricted to create topic or reply post. In other hand do you really need to show completely secured category topics in WordPress widgets?

For other features you may try WP-Discourse plugin by @Simon_Cossar. If that feature not exist then please feel free to request it in #support:wordpress category.

(Steve Combs) #8

Thanks for the fix and the response. I am trying to show topics in a widget on a WordPress site for non-public categories on a Discourse platform.

The normal RSS widgets should work on WordPress, but I like how your widget was styling the topics.

I was having some trouble getting secure categories to work with RSS and the API key, but I might just need this recent fix.

I love the WP-Discourse widget from @Simon_Cossar I just don’t think there is a widget or that the publishing of topics FROM Discourse TO Wordpress.

Thanks all.

(Sebastian) #9

oh, another case of competing WP plugins…why is yours not on wordpress.org?

(Vinoth Kannan) #10

I created it earlier for a particular website. I had the idea to publish it on WordPress. Anyway I think it’s time to move for WP-Discourse plugin. Let’s wait for @Simon_Cossar’s reply.

(Vinoth Kannan) #13

Did you try to use wp-discourse-shortcodes plugin? I guess it will work as you need. Widgets can be created using shortcodes. You can ask for support in that plugin topic if you need some assistance.

(Simon Cossar) #14

The shortcodes plugin has changed quite a bit since I first made it. It needs to be renamed - it’s essentially a feed reader. Scroll to the bottom of the topic to see where it’s at now. In a sidebar it will give you output something like this:

@scombs get in touch with me if you have any questions about it.

(Steve Combs) #15

All good info.

If the RSS+API key fix enables RSS feeds for restricted categories, I may just use the built-in WordPress RSS Feed widget. Still testing.

(Sebastian) #16

well all I need is a widget :wink:

(Sebastian) #17

Ok now I tried yours. First attempt it looked unstyled, the other plugin looks great out of the box. But just with the other one, I changed something and now the widget’s not even being displayed… I wonder if you could team up with the other dev and make the ultimate, best, most awesome Wordpress widget :slight_smile: