Wrong error message editing a poll?

I tried a poll for test purposes. I tried to edit the options by editing the post. I got this error:

Poll with votes cannot be made public.

That seems weird. I wasn’t doing anything about making something public. I was aiming to edit the text of a poll without changing it in any other way.

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I have the same problem as @wolftune. Grateful for any tips.

Is this a bug or only poor copy?

If you are only attempting to change text, then I agree a better copy would be more like “options for a poll with votes cannot be edited”.

Editing polls is rare (or at least IMHO it should be, even to the point of never) and it may be there is a bug in the logic flow.

My personal fix would be to have a single message - “polls with votes cannot be edited in any way”. But obviously some would not agree.

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Without knowing the backend, I can’t say with certainty, but I think it’s just poor wording that fails to capture the range of cases for when that copy gets shown.