Wrong kind of reply generated even with "suppress reply" disabled

We have had a few user reports that they click the Reply to use button but end up with a reply to the topic. So far it’s being reported only on Chrome.

Any info on this happening on other sites?

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Are you talking about this reply indicator on a post?


We suppress this when a reply comes immediately after the post it’s replying to. We don’t consider the extra context necessary in those cases.

You can disable the suppression of the reply indicator by searching your site settings for suppress reply — there are a few options:


Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. But we have all three suppress boxes unchecked on our site. Users are reporting that the reply indicator is missing even though they pressed the unboxed reply button on the post itself. But not all the time, sometimes they get it, sometimes they don’t.

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Ah ok, if those options are already disabled it’s possible there’s a bug. Can you link a specific post where this may have happened so someone can take a closer look?


I will attempt to collect that and come back.

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