Wrong reply-by email reveals PMs

(Sebastian) #1

So a user probably tried to reply by email to one he received that was a PM, but instead of the email being sent to my forum-reply@… inbox for it to be parsed, it was sent to the defined “from” email, which is webmaster@…

This seldomly happens, but I wonder… why? I doubt the user manually changed the “to” email field when replying? Not sure what to do here

(Eli the Bearded) #2

Do you know what headers were on the outgoing email from your forum?

(Sebastian) #3

I guess that could be found out, does sparkpost store these (the headers, too, I mean)?

(Eli the Bearded) #4

Not sure. You could look, or you could try to replicate the headers by creating an alt for yourself and sending a PM.

(Dean Taylor) #5

You are most likely stumbling across this issue:

(Sebastian) #6

doesn’t look like sparkpost has these, Discourse lists the message as regular user private message, the only difference being that it got replied to the wrong email.

Another thing what I did is ask the user to try and reply a second time, the email gives him the webmaster@ in the To: field… :frowning: … now trying to find out which client the user is using, because I too suspect it is what @DeanMarkTaylor is pointing to

(Sebastian) #7

User says it was “Yahoo” :wink: Not sure what web interface, I mean the company barely exists anymore…

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #8

What are the values on the following settings:

  • reply_by_email_address

  • alternative_reply_by_email_address

(Sebastian) #9


nothing in the alternative one, what’s it for?