Wrong Topic counter just after replying

(Vaibhav Garg) #1

This happens after immediately after replying to a post.

(Régis Hanol) #2

I can’t reproduce this one…

Have you experienced this again? I’d love to get a repro to be able to fix it.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Can anyone reproduce this?

(Vaibhav Garg) #5

I can repro this every single time, on howtogeek site, but not on this one

(Jeff Atwood) #6

What browser and os?

(Vaibhav Garg) #8

Windows 7, Google Chrome 270.1453.73

(Vaibhav Garg) #9

There it goes again. Windows 7 64 bit, Chrome 27.01453.81

How would you like me to help repro this?

(Vaibhav Garg) #10

There it goes again, on this very post!!

(Jeff Atwood) #11

Does it happen if you post with all Chrome plugins disabled?

(Vaibhav Garg) #12

Yes it does, it happens even if I am in incognito, where there are no plugins that I have allowed to run!

(Vaibhav Garg) #13

I see it right now as well!

(Sam Saffron) #15

Do you have a very slow internet connection or some other factors in play?

(Vaibhav Garg) #16

I don’t think so! What other factors?

(Brentley Jones) #17

Possibly related, but probably because of the recent post stream refactoring, but after replying to a post of mine I got a “2 of 3” posts, when there was only 2 posts.

After refresh:

And yes, how very meta, because I’m adding this to my forum’s “known issues”.

(Vaibhav Garg) #18

Beating a dead horse, but still not fixed. @sam, @codinghorror, this is really annoying. I have tried refresing the page, clicking on the up and down arrows, but does not correct itself. I see it right now on this very page.

(Vaibhav Garg) #19

Just looked at it very very carefully. the post counter skips 1,4 and 7, and the total number of posts are 15 only( 16 after posting this), and the post counter jumps ahead.

Also, the main topic list page says 15 posts, so thats OK. I am using windows 7 with Chrome Version 32.0.1700.19 beta-m Aura.

(Juffin) #20

cant upload screenshot (error uploading, try again later) but just now this topic is showing 19 of 16.
chrome 31.0.1650.57 , w7.

(Achu Abebe) #21

I can confirm this:
Os = Ubuntu 12.04
Browser = Chrome 31.0.1650.57
Internet speed =


(Jeff Atwood) #22

I believe @eviltrout resolved all the bugs with too-large progress counter numbers.

(Jeff Atwood) #23