WYSIWYG keyboard shortcuts don't close formatting as expected

(Lorne Kates) #1

In every WYSIYG I use (including Word), pressing a keyboard shortcut to close formatting will just end it.

Expectation: CTRL-B. Type something. CTRL-B. something_else. “something” will be bold and something_else will not be.

What happens: Second CTRL-B opens a second formatted block immediately afterwards.

Example: **I just pressed CTRL-B to start this text. I will now press CTRL-B again expecting it to move the cursor to the end of the bold text block.**strong text <== Instead I get a second block of STAR STAR strong test STAR STAR

So I either have to manually move the cursor, or if I pressed CTRL-B as expected, I have to move the cursor AND delete unexpected text.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

There is a bunch of work to do on editor, but we’ve been deferring it for a while. You can view the releases category to see what’s planned.

Not enough users (from paying customers) complain about CTRL+B behavior for us to prioritize it at the moment.

It’s probably easier and recommended to learn native markdown, and use ** to mark the beginning and end of bold; CTRL+B is mostly training wheels for that. It’s not intended as a WYSIWYG.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

@eviltrout has been doing a little work to convert the editor to Ember this week. This will happen in 1.5.

(Lorne Kates) #4

Just checkingstrong text****

Hmm. Did the editor get converted in 1.5?

(Sam Saffron) #5

Yes the composer was converted to Ember, I can confirm the CTRL-B (Apple Key - B on mac) behaves strange when you hit it and you are within a bolded block.

Trivial fix for this is to fish backwards and forwards for ** stopping on certain special chars (like newlines, or `. If we “know” we are in a bolded area then just jump forward instead.