"You can't login as username from that address" -- Cloudflare might be identifying different users as the same user

(DanielMorgan) #1

Not positive this is a bug on Discourse’s end.

A user is reporting that they are unable to login because of an error they see in the login form: “You can’t login as username from that address”

I checked their account and they share the same IP as another user in the same city. The reverse whois for that IP is a Cloudflare address (their Helsinki center). Is Discourse being too aggressive in logins from the same IP? Should I boost the bug reporting user’s trust level to overcome this issue so they can login?

When viewing the bug-reporter’s page, I see that both users have a trust level of 1.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

It seems a staff member on your site has banned that IP for your site. Check admin, logs, IP addresses.

(DanielMorgan) #3

I blocked a user for spam and this triggered a system-based IP rollup:

Also a number of accounts in that range are abandoned or spammy, so this is making sense now as to why that range is suspect:

My assumption is that spammers were using a Finnish VPN, but this affects upstanding users. I guess my request would be to allow users to login if they have an account, but put their posts in a moderation queue if they are in part of a system IP rollup, not show them an error like this.

So my best course of action right now is to unblock the range so that they can login from Helsinki?