You may miss a notification if you are actively on a topic

(lid) #1

I could not test this behavior thoroughly. But I experienced it several times.

From my observation it may be possible that a user will miss a notification due to the fact that the user was
Viewing the topic the notification was initiated from.

I am refering the to notification counter in this area.

###Consider the following scenario.
You are reading a topic,
You receive a like that will result in a +1 added to the top notification area ( you may not notice it at first)
because you are scrolling in the topic or you may be over that post. This may automatically dismiss the new notification for you. Consequently the notification will be considered acknowledged, without that actual user acknowledgment.

Is it possible that I may miss a reply notification , or a mention, with that behavior mentioned above? possibly. I don’t have a way to fully test that easily.

####Possible solution:
Certain notifications that are not acknowledged via the notification area, that notification active status could persist for longer. giving the user enough time to realize that there is a notification.

I believe that retaining the notification counter / status visible for longer. may prevent that.

share your ideas.

What should make the notification bubble go away?
(Sam Saffron) #2

This is by design and I really don’t see the problem.

(cpradio) #3

I don’t mind this primarily because Discourse, by design, updates the topic live while you are on it anyway. So the odds you completely missed it would be rare.

(Sam Saffron) #4

Also… it only clears notifications for posts that are on your screen, not for every post on the topic.

(lid) #5

I am not objecting the current by design completely, my only suggestion is provide the user with sufficient time to acknowledge important new notifications for example “a reply”

But may be I am wrong, I didn’t test the current behavior thoroughly. all I know is that I did miss replies, and only noticed them later.

(lid) #6
  1. What if the post is hidden by the composer? (will it auto read the notification then?)

  2. What if I left the screen unattended at the right position, came back and didn’t see a notification and didn’t realize that there is a new post for example?

(Manthan Mallikarjun) #7

Im with @Lid on this one. If the thread is long and a guy is just browsing the last few posts, he might miss one. Maybe have an arrow or a slight flash on the page that lets the user know that there has been a new post?