You should not be allowed to change Lounge security

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Continuing the discussion from Updating software resets Lounge security?:

I agree 100% here, if we want to retain this “by-design” thing it must be in readonly state.

@codinghorror @neil if we are to retain the running seeds resets lounge security we need to add a “readonly” status for category security.

Unfortunately this is a very complex change to add cause we still want to allow them to change other stuff like colors etc.

I strongly suggest we just forgo the more complicated change and allow people to muck with whatever on this category just bypass seeding if already seeded.

(Kane York) #2

We actually already have this for uncategorized - the Security tab is the only one hidden for Uncategorized.

(Jesse Perry) #3

I would add it would be nice to also not be allowed to change Lounge title. When I first set up my Discourse I changed the Lounge category name to another category - thinking it was just a regular category. Months after using Discourse pretty heavily I’m just now realizing why the “bug” existed where I would have this category “randomly” reset security settings. I just happened to be watching the update logs and something made me think that the Lounge category gets permissions reset each time. Searched around on Meta and sure enough…

If it’s a trivial change (sounds like it isn’t unfortunately), I would highly recommend locking down the category’s title and security to not confuse future users…

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