Your post was hidden

Hello guys,

My post was hidden. I don’t really understand if it’s really my post or my comment. Can someone help me with this, I have a big problem of harassment coming from a google search result that contain my personal informations.

The webmaster told me they have difficulties to manage their forum that use discourse.

So I came here to try to find something to tell him to make it work because I contacted this person 5 times during 4 years and he never deleted my personal infos from google.

So, I don’t know what doesn’t follow the rules, what I have to change to make it unhidden after, and don’t want to make a mistake and that the post would be hidden forever. thanks

David, what are you talking about? Where was your post hidden?
The webmaster told you? Who? Where is that?

Maybe you write too fast on that discourse’s site, and the “system” hide your post.