"Your topic is similar to..." - can it be putted below my text in editor area? - or - Lets try to make that popup more usable

(Anton) #1

“Similar to…” area usually appears above my editor and takes the left half of remaining space thus making the right part useless (because you will see only half of the discussion which does not make sense at all).

While typing my text, I’d prefer to still see the “Similar to…” list because it may happen so the right ones in the list will come only I’ll type one or two sentences.

But at the same time I often need to repeatedly take a look a the discussion I’m answering to, so I end up closing that Similar to…" area.

In other words, it’s not possible to use both “Similar to…” and the discussion text simultaneously, so I close that “Similar” popup most of times.

Such experience leads to a few suggestions.

Suggestion 1.

After I close that “Similar to…” popup, can it be shown somewhere in minimized way, like:

This topic is similar to N topics

And make it clickable, so when you click on it - you can see the list again.
a) It could be put somewhere close to the area when it was originally shown, and window minimization visual effect can be even used to show where it minimizes too.
b) the N number would dynamically change while I type my topic.

P.S. The only thing that bothers me is that it may overload GUI.

Suggestion 2.

Not very sure about this one, but when thinking of a way to be able to look at both “Suggestions” and the original topic & answers, I end up with this idea: let input area auto-expand while you type and place the “Suggestions” below it. Thus more your type - the smaller “Suggestions” area become, which is quite natural because when you typed the whole paragraph now, either te suggestion list will be quite precise and short, or you probably do not need it anymore because you have continued with typing and reached to the state when you’ve already typed lots of text, so you’ve probably not found any similar topics.

Possible problems with this solution:

  1. Mobile devices
  2. Quoting citations, which sometimes takes a lot of space from beginning.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This has been moved to the side – overlaying the preview panel – courtesy of @Simon_Cossar. So far I’ve been pretty happy with this change, it fits better, and it’s less ignorable than the “popup” style.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #3

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