"Your topic is similar to..." filter? Or improvement?

(Clay Heaton) #1

I’m finding the “Your topic is similar to…” popup to be less that useful on my intranet installation of Discourse, mainly due to the fact that it hits on words that often appear in titles. For example, here’s a screenshot I just created:

Yeah – my meeting notes topic is similar to my other meeting notes topics… except, those are all in different categories and the pop up doesn’t give any indication of which category hold the similar topics. In our context, we work on many projects at a time and have a category for each of the projects. Within the context of that category, the “Meeting Notes” or “Meeting Minutes” makes sense.

I’m thinking one or both of the following features, available in the administrative panel, might b useful:

  • Allow admins to enter terms that won’t match for Your topic is similar to…
  • Show the category name of the similar topic

With the second example, instead of:

Meeting Notes 10/22

it might say

Projects/ACME: Meeting Notes 10/22

or something like that.

Anybody have thoughts about this?

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(Jeff Atwood) #2

I suppose if you select a category we could filter it to just similar topics in the same category, but

  • That might be too restrictive, new users have no idea what they’re doing and might put things in the wrong category and never see potential matches

  • I’m not sure users will select a category before entering title and body?

I do think showing the category of the suggested topic, and maybe using the new search layout for the matches (not sure summary should be there, maybe?), might make sense @eviltrout.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Category is not used for filtering here, but at least it is shown now in the latest updates, along with an excerpt. It basically matches what we do for search. Try again and see.