Youtube incorrectly embedded with inbox in last discourse version


Hi guys,

I encoured an issue about using Youtube inbox integration. When adding a link (eg. Clown takes the robocar Poli toys' salute. - YouTube), it display video in post edition preview, but when saving, subject is empty, and there is no possibility to edit it.

It was working few time ago. My current discourse version is v1.6.0.beta1 +281. Someone else detected this issue?

Thank you for helping me!

(Gerhard Schlager) #2

Works fine at

Are you using any plugins or site customizations in your Discourse instance?


Thank you for your answer, yes you’re right, we finally find the issue, due to an older version of jQuery migrate installed.

We use jQuery migrate script in order to make Flickrfeed plugin working with modal windows, now setted with 1.3.0, and works fine!

To introduce us, Alex, Morgan and me are working on a discourse forum since 2 months, and we love it! We are newbies on your project, so sorry in advance for mistakes or something else :slight_smile:

Have a good evening, and thank you again for your quick replies.

(Alex Rabolin) #5

Hello guys, my name is Alex and I work with Babyfooter.
Thank you all for your work.
We like Discourse , it is a revolutionary forum.
You can see our site here and our custom header.
Have a good time and sorry for my bad english.