YouTube/Vimeo embed size controls in Settings

(Crackmacs) #1


I was reading this old thread here regarding YouTube embed size modifications. It can be done by simply editing a few lines of code and setting your values, but this requires access to said files.

Using my own situation as an example, I do not have access to the backend. A friend is graciously hosting my forum for me, taking care of any admin work as needed too.

For those of us in these situations, I’d like to request a control added in the admin panel somewhere to modify the embedded video size. I can (and will) ask my friend to make the necessary changes I’d prefer, but frankly it’d be much more convenient as something I could do myself. Perhaps use a dropdown with pre-set sizes? s/m/l or something.

Thanks! :heart: Discourse a lot.

(Jacob Chapel) #2

You can add some CSS in the admin panel to get full width “responsive” YouTube embeds.

(Crackmacs) #3

Awesome thanks, will give that a try!