Zendesk Web Widget conflicts with Discourse - Error: Could not find module -1

(Nick) #1

A very strange problem occurred today, after my forum had been working smoothly for several months. I haven’t literally touched anything and haven’t been upgrading to the latest Discourse.

The current state is that the forum loads up but no clicks are working. E.g. if I click on any topic, the URL in the address bar changes, but the page is not reloading. If I reload it manually, I enter into the topic, but then the reply buttons are not working. And so on… there are multiple issues like these. (Anyone interested can try here: Детский центр как бизнес)

When I look at the logs (via the web interface), I see a flood of these errors:

Uncaught Error: Could not find module -1 Url: https://my_domain.com/forum/assets/vendor-a43a9db9e6fc40d53da0f24e72f88528c196240826c9a7e3eead8d7e107a5696.js Line: 1 Column 16222

I’ve tried rebuilding the container and it doesn’t help.

Any ideas?

P.S. I should note that I’m running an older version of Discourse from my custom repo. But like I said I haven’t changed anything lately. The last commit in the repo is dated several months back and this problem began today all of a sudden.

Update: I’ve finally found (sort of) what is causing this: Google Tag Manager. I had had it added manually to the Header via the CSS/HTML admin customization menu. It was working well for months.

Apparently, Google changed something in the GTM script yesterday night so it now conflicts with Discourse? My tags inside the GTM haven’t changed since January…

Update #2: I’ve narrowed it further down to the Zendesk Help Widget that was loading on my forum via the GTM. Apparently, the Zendesk Widget code was updated yesterday night and began conflicting with Discourse.

I’m wondering if this Zendesk conflict issue is specific to the older Discourse version I’m using or it would be the same on the latest Discourse.

Anyone using Zendesk Web Widget on their forums?