3.1.0.beta4: New notifications menu, chat and sidebar improvements, security fixes, and more

New features in 3.1.0.beta4

New notifications menu

Two weeks back we’ve announced that the menu will be rolled out to everyone. Here it is!

Sidebar improvements

If you’ve enabled custom sidebar sections for a group of users, they will now be able to reorder sidebar links through drag and drop.

Emoji deny site setting

We’ve added a new site setting that prevents emojis from showing up in titles, PMs, chat, and other scenarios.


Shift+esc lets you mark all chat messages as read :sparkles:

Other :new: features

  • Better thread reply counter cache
  • Hook up chat bulk delete for threads
  • Add a setting to allowlist DiscourseConnect return path domains
  • Reacting to MessageBus in chat thread panel
  • Initial chat thread indicator and disabling echo mode in channels
  • Increase pbkdf2 iterations to 600k
  • Persist password hashing algorithm/params in database
  • Add category name in articleSection meta tag for schema.
  • SiteSetting for creation of small action on tag change
  • Add CSS class generation for category colors and hashtags
  • Allow invite only and Discourse connect
  • SiteSetting to default user path to different routes
  • Use “Comment” schema type for post replies.
  • Experimental API for custom full-page search types.
  • Modifier API for plugins
  • Move bootstrap mode indicator to header
  • Allow site owners to disable impersonation
  • Auto-remove users without permission from channel
  • Log manual bounce reset

Security Updates

This release includes fixes for these security issues reported by our community and HackerOne.


The beta also includes a bunch of other bug fixes, UX, performance, and accessibility improvements.



New Features
  • Add per-ad visibility settings for anons and logged-in users


Bug Fixes
  • Pin plugin for older version of Discourse
UX Changes
  • Add review queue tag styling for akismet flags


Bug Fixes
  • Show user status tooltip on the assign modal
  • Also evaluate list controller extensions


Bug Fixes
  • PG::NotNullViolation when prefers_encrypt is not set
  • Update migration to prevent PG::NotNullViolation error
  • Stores encrypt preference in pending PMs
  • Do not error on deleted topic in post script


Bug Fixes
  • Quebec’s national holiday observed Monday


New Features
  • SiteSetting to remove advanced search filters


New Features
  • New rule filter to send message when topic tags change


New Features
Bug Fixes
  • Ensures explorer is using default values when provided
  • Reset results on query redirect
  • Flaky test fix for Data Explorer Automated PM Feature


New Features
  • Make user status on mentions on docs live
Bug Fixes
  • Fix an issue where deselecting a filter tag would cause no results
  • Make docsCategories ignore invalid ids
UX Changes
  • Hide non-functional revision history button


UX Changes
  • Re-use UserStreamItem from core


New Features
  • Add content_type label to web performance metrics
  • Label all timing metrics with logged_in boolean
  • Add cache and success label to web duration metrics


UX Changes
  • Re-use UserStreamItem from core
Security Changes
  • Publish reactions based on topic permissions


New Features
  • Add default Contact ID for Case Sync Site Setting
  • Optionally skip contact creation on case sync


UX Changes
  • Tweak ‘Solution’ button design


New Features
  • Allow topic title edits where topic user is the staff alias user
  • Allow posts to change ownership to the staff alias user
Bug Fixes
  • Events should not return


Bug Fixes
  • Various fixes following core changes


Bug Fixes
  • Typo for Serbian Cyrillic


Bug Fixes
  • Don’t remove custom fields when adding a new one to category serializer