A few dark theme issues

(Dean Taylor) #1

Here are some of dark theme issues seems you are working on that.

Searching for something in CSS in /admin/customize/css_html/



Sprockets Upgrade
(Dean Taylor) #2

The colour contrast on mentions is bad, sample:



(Dave McClure) #4

My main issue with the dark theme is that we are using it at all here… when will it go away?

(Dean Taylor) #5

I believe the reason there is such dislike for the dark theme is colours don’t contrast enough - causing poor usability.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

No, that’s not the purpose. We are here to find cases where the colors are dramatically wrong. Please don’t post multiple times about “not enough contrast per WCAG guidelines” as that is not the goal.

(this color scheme is not a default and the gaming communities that use these kinds of dark settings don’t care about those guidelines, at all)

(Dean Taylor) #7

Goal now made clear.

(Dan Dascalescu) #8


(Jeff Atwood) #9

I definitely agree that name mentions are very hard to read cc @tgxworld.

(Kane York) #10

I think copying the .btn colors is probably best there.

Also, looks like the left edge of blockquotes is invisible:



(Dean Taylor) #11

I’m unsure if it’s “as-designed” but mobile mentions aren’t styled, and simply appear as text links:

(@SenpaiMass) #12

I am using a dark theme on discourse from quite some time. I had few members complain about the mentions not quite visible.

Hence, i am using this custom CSS.

        a.mention,a.mention-group {
	padding:2px 4px;

Example above.

(Alan Tan) #13

I increased the contrast of mentions in

Mentions are not styled on mobile as well.

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