A silver badge for _each_ 5 bronze badges

Ah, it’s a daily job I think so if it caught you midway through then you may need to wait until tomorrow. But if you revoke the first one they should get two the next time it runs (though even if you didn’t revoke the first one, them getting a second one on the next run should also prove that it works :crossed_fingers: :slight_smile:)


Here’s today’s screenshot:

I did end up revoking the user’s silver badge. It’s odd to me that it shows back up in the same place in the list, but I suppose it’s just the visibility of the existing DB row that got toggled off and back on again, so that would explain why it retained the old grant date. (Not really a clean implementation IMO, but understandable).

And… there’s still only 1 silver :sadpanda:

What am I missing to make the work? :frowning:

Edit: Meanwhile, where’s the badge preview:

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For posterity: after a direct look, @JammyDodger pointed out that Query targets posts had somehow become unchecked. That seems to have done it. He forced the job to run & :drum: … two silvers were granted! :tada:

I’m setting this up on my production site & the preview tells me I should see 12 silvers tomorrow. :tada:


13! 13 silvers awarded overnight on our production instance! :champagne: :tada: :champagne:

Thanks for all your patient help @JammyDodger!