A User Who Deletes Their Posts

The scenario that you’re missing is that you, as a user, have rights to pull your content. Just not all at once :wink:

I did not know people could still delete posts after the edit-time expired. This is very dangerous - as mentioned in other Topics, a small number of once regular users can harm a site significantly by deleting all of their posts as so many Topics will be rendered useless/difficult to follow.

Please can we make this an admin configurable option or just make it respect the edit-time setting?

Forums are different to social networks - whenever anyone contributes to a forum they are willingly contributing to a resource created by and for the good of the community/public. There have even been legal cases that I have heard of where users who have wanted all their posts deleted (and the admin refused) resulting in a court ruling that by signing up and posting content they were willingly submitting content to the resources of the site. It’s why we (and many forum-like commenting systems, such as big sites such as the BBC) specifically ask for perpetual publishing rights in terms.


It’s already a site setting, I suggest using it. Is there something preventing you from editing the site setting?


I can’t find it :confused: I searched for ‘delete’ and found:

delete all posts max

The maximum number of posts that can be deleted at once with the Delete All Posts button. If a user has more than this many posts, the posts cannot all be deleted at once and the user can’t be deleted.


max post deletions per day

Maximum number of posts a user can delete per day.

I’ve set both of those to 1 for now - are there any other settings I may have missed?

I think ideally users should be able to delete their post only if it’s within the edit-time period (and work like it does now - where a notice is shown saying it will be deleted unless flagged).


Yep, you found it. There you go. Done and done. Mission accomplished.

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It’s not quite the same as respecting editing times but definitely better than the 50 per day that it was set to by default.

(I still think we need to have the option to make it respect editing times instead.)