Ability to reorder categories in the sidebar

OK, I’m warming up you suggestion @tobiaseigen:

Will see if we can get it on our list to try this out soon.


I second this! Would be GREAT if:

  • By default new users get categories in fixed_category_positions order
  • Users interested in reordering will click the edit (:pencil2: icon) and reorder according to their needs.

Ultimately this makes it more easy to navigate for new members and just makes sense.


The order of categories in the sidebar now respects the fixed_category_positions site setting, per this PR by @tgxworld:


I think why I’m grateful for this change is that, while the sidebar I think is designed for the users to be able to customize to their liking, I imagine 1) most users may not even know that’s possible and 2) most may stick with the defaults anyway.

I, having used Discourse for years and having a coding and website background, can struggle with the UI and customizations, so I like the ability to set the default order of the sidebar categories for users assuming they may never actually change them.


I wish I could provide more than a single :heart: for this change. Thank you so much @tgxworld for implementing this!

The more I use the sidebar, the more I like it, and this was the one thing left making it not work well for my largest forum. This is awesome!