Add a user to existing personal chat

It would be really helpful to be able to add a user to an existing personal chat thread, as per WhatsApp. This would be the ideal place to plonk it (apologies @JammyDodger):

Screenshot 2022-10-07 11.01.10

The main use case is for a psuedo-chat channel (in our case for most of the moderators) which we wish to add to or subtract from occasionally.

It would also be nice to have it for personal chat when you need to pull in a third or fourth person for a time.

The challenge of course would be what to do with any existing chats that have the same folk in them. Auto-merging them would probably work just fine I think.


Definitely :+1: on this one. As I mentioned in the linked thread, I often start a group chat to plan something — right now it’s a little online conference/workshop — and I often find myself realizing that I forgot to include someone, or else that someone’s particular expertise might improve the discussion.

Being able to bring more people in could really be helpful for those kinds of group-building tasks.


Oh, and I just ran across another very real motivation for this, just now!

Right now the answer to this is… nope! :sweat_smile:


This is on our roadmap, but on accidental self-removal there are two ways to get it back in the meantime:

  • have someone else send a new message in the chat that included the person that removed themselves (this will make it reappear for the person that removed themselves)
  • the person that removed themselves can create a new chat with the same participants (it will open the one they removed themselves from)

Oh fantastic, thank you so much!

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This feature would be very useful (since without it, it would be impossible for members to get back into personal chats. You would have to start a whole new chat instead)

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I also wonder if it’d be then useful to name a personal chat. For example “Danny’s room” - kind of like how you name chat channels on apps?

But definitely adding members is crucial. Otherwise “losing” all the data by starting another chat just to add another person is pretty annoying.


This is now possible per this update!