Add ability to easily add more people to a two-way personal chat

Today someone messaged me on our chat and I couldn’t help them. So I went to add a person who could help to our conversation and realised I couldn’t do that.

It would be useful to quickly spin up a small group chat, or at least add at least one more person to a personal chat. Maybe given the current model there could be a limit to the number of people to be included in a quick group chat – something like a max of 5 people. That’s a random number yet perhaps it’s helpful.

I know it would’ve been helpful to add at least one more person to a two-person chat.

Let me know if you need more information. Thanks for considering this idea.



That would require a safeguard. For example, all the people already present in the conversation should approve a new participant to avoid unwanted people hopping into a discussion that was considered very private by one of the two participants.


Some prior discussion here: Add a user to existing personal chat

Let’s continue over in that topic!