Add new metrics in the administration interface

(Lisa Wess) #21

I’d dig both of these metrics!. Great ideas.

(JT) #22

Another suggestion:

  • Number of active topics (posted in in last 24h). This tell me how many different conversations are going on, and it would be a positive indicator if this number is growing. This would indicate if discussion is “narrow” (posts in few topics) or “wide” (posts in many topics).


Every month (among other things) I measure new members, and the # of those new members who made a contribution (a topic or post)*.

In order to get that second number, I currently have to export the entire member list, filter out people that signed up during that calendar month, sort by post count, manually count those with >0 posts and then eyeball the topic count as well. It’s doable, but ridiculously manual.

That particular statistic is a fundamental one so it would be great to be able to get it easily. Not being able to sort on the /users page is one of the main frustrations for me.

*an ‘engaged’ member

(Mittineague) #24

Somewhat off-topic, but have you found a way to measure “retention”?

That is, how many engaged members stay engaged for any length of time.


Not off topic at all. :slight_smile:

No, I haven’t – our community is only 2 months old on Discourse so it hasn’t yet been relevant, but it is certainly something that I’ll need in the future.

(Jeff Atwood) #26

What do you mean? You can sort on the the /users page by clicking or tapping on the column headers.


Sorry, I should have said /admin/users/

/users is of no use to me unless I remember to do my analysis on the first of the month because I can’t choose a date range.

(Jeff Atwood) #28

Ok make sure the Rails Girls are aware of this topic for their project. cc @erlend_sh

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #29

Added it here: