Add Text In Header Beside Logo

I’m new to discourse, so I apologize if this is something that is easily done, however, I can’t seem to find where I can define the text that I want to appear beside our logo in the header of our discourse page.

Within the red box in the header is where I’d ideally like to add text saying ‘Community Forums’ or something of the sort:

How can I go about getting this done?

Thanks in advance for any and all feedback!

Hey Daniel :wave:

You can use something like this to add text next to the header logo on your site

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.8">
api.decorateWidget("home-logo:after", helper => {
  const titleVisible = helper.attrs.minimized;
  const headerText = "Text you want to add"; // <--- change this text

  if (!titleVisible) {
    return api.h("span.header-text", headerText);

You’d add it in the header section of your theme / component. You can read more about the Discourse theme system here