Any way to turn off RateLimiter temporarily for bulk creation by admin?

So here is my issue. I have a requirement to essentially seed a Discourse production instance with around 200 posts at a time from a plugin admin action. These posts will be ‘created by’ 1 of 10 different regular users. The reason it’s a plugin action is because the users of this particular instance have a team of moderators they want to train up, and wanted some test posts to train them on, and the ability to seed more when they need them.

I got this working fine by passing skip_validations: true to, however now there’s a requirement that some of the created posts are also flagged.

I’m using PostActionCreator.create to flag some of these posts, but now I’m getting hit by the rate limiter here:

I first attempted to disable the RateLimiter but that was causing my action to crash the server process eventually, possibly when I was trying to turn it back on, and then I realised it probably wasn’t a good idea anyway.

So my question is, is there a better way to bypass the rate limiter when running some arbitrary code i.e. something like:

RateLimiter.bypass do
# run some code not affected by the rate limiter

Or do I need to basically just need to copy most of what the PostActionCreator is doing but leave out the troublesome line?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m still absorbing a lot of the Discourse code so I’m aware I’ve probably missed something that makes this a lot easier!

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What I’d likely do is run a script in the Rails console. Have you checked out: Global rate limits and throttling in Discourse? It looks like you can change those rate limits.


This isn’t really a path I want to go down as I want it to initiated by users rather than them relying on me to run a script in the console.


Did you look at the link about changing the rate limits?