API for getting topics doesn't include tags

I am trying to get topics created within a week. I found the api to get latest topics
However, the topics contained in the response don’t contain any tag information. Is there a way to link tag info with the topics using the api?

The best documentation for the API is How to reverse engineer the Discourse API.

Topic lists do contain tag info, I think, as you can see tags in /latest. Maybe you’re not logged in as a user that can see the tags?

Maybe say more about your problem. The data explorer plugin can be a way to get custom data from the database and can be used from the API.

/latest would work well for me. I don’t know why it wasn’t returning information about tags but testing now I am getting tags.
How can I use data explorer from the API?

Set up the query that you want and the reverse engineer the call to access it.

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