Badges / record of real life meeting attendance

Not strictly a support, but I’d like some way fun/easy way to track attendance at an actual real life meeting. I want to then give people badges for meeting attendance or similar.

I have thought about having a printed QR code up with a short url to something on discourse. Tracking who clicks through that link. Maybe the link could create a post/like on an “inivisible” thread? Does an invisible thread exist? And I assign badges based on posts on that thread?

Needs to protect (lightly) against people who are not at the meeting obtaining the badge.

Any other ideas? I haven’t worked with discourse long enough to figure out something of this sort.

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Why not invite them directly to your Discourse, including a special group membership in the invitation?

To make sure they attended, collect the email addresses as they come in the door.

Once they’re in a group, assign a badge to all members of the group, like this:

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Thanks for your reply. They are generally members of the forum already. They are also a large group so capturing 50 or so user details and typing it in correctly afterwards may not work well.

I have figured a roundabout way to do this now.

  1. I create a special category that is for logged in users only.
  2. Create a thread in that category that is not visible. Even better create that in a private area and move it to the special category after making it invisible. Now only users with the thread link will find it.
  3. Create a short URL and QR Code for the url of this hidden thread.
  4. Print and put up at meeting.
  5. When user scan the link they will be go to the forum and be forced to log in if not already. Once they are logged in they will see the thread.
  6. Create a badge for reading that thread.

That’s a pretty neat way of chaining together features to get the job done. Thanks for sharing!