Building a custom bot

I’ve been looking for a way to create a custom bot that users can interact with in public topics. They would be able to type something like

@botname command arg1 arg2

and the bot would reply in the topic with the requested output.

It looks like it isn’t possible to do that with discobot, so I was going to write a webhook receiver in an external cloud function to listen for mentions of the custom bot’s name. The bot would then post a reply via the API.

Has anyone done something similar to that already in a plugin? Or is there a better way to implement that kind of feature?

I thought I would ask here, because sometimes I ask a question and it turns out that there is already an existing solution.


Maybe take a look at this?


Thanks, that gives me some ideas. To start, I just want some simple, preset commands that load activities into a topic, but eventually I’m hoping to create a more intelligent bot using a framework like Rasa.


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