Can a group be used to contain users to viewing specific categories?

I don’t spot how to set that if it can.
For example I want paid customers to have access to all categories.
I want users evaluating our product to have access to only 2 categories and not see the other categories or the posts in them.

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Categories can have groups set on them, kind of the reverse of what you are thinking.

You create two groups. Edit your categories to show to your paid customers. The two demo categories you edit to allow the evaluating group to see.

If you have a lot of forums, that’s gonna be boring to do. :sunglasses:

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I see, so I need to create a group for “normal” users, and change the category security to allow that group access to the normal categories. Then an evaluator group and security settings the categories they are able to see. Yes tedious! Thanks for the help.


There is a “normal” group called “everyone”. Unless you want the evaluators not to be able to see the “normal” categories, then you don’t need to do anything other than create the eval group and the eval category with the eval-only settings.


Yes I want evalers to only see the knowledge base category and the evaluators category, not the other categories. So need the 2 groups etc as above I assume?


In case you have not seen it, have a look at How to use category security settings to control access to content.

You only need to create a group for your paid customers to accomplish this. For all categories other than the two categories that you want users evaluating your be able to see, add a security rule something like this:

Replace the “Shareholders” group in the screenshot with the name of your paid customers group.

With this setting in place, users who are not a member of your paid customers group will only see the categories that you have not applied this security rule to.


Oh I see, invert my logic to allow customers, not disallow evaluators. Thanks!


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