Can I access Discourse forum Database to use for PowerBI reporting?

Hi we use Discourse as a forum for discussing about various company’s products, its releases, usage and issues. we have categorized it several categories and tags to make the topic relevant. I am trying to create a report to see the quality metrics from the data we have out there.

How do I access the data? Where is that data stored? and how can I query that database?

Basically, I am trying to access the back end data, so that I can pull it for my reporting needs.

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The best way to query your site’s database is with the Data Explorer plugin. Have a look at the What cool data explorer queries have you come up with? topic to see some example queries. If you need help with specific queries, feel free to ask for help in the #plugin:data-explorer category.


Thank you Simon. But where do I install the plug in from?

For our hosted customers, the Data Explorer plugin is installed on all Business sites. You can access it by going to the admin section of your site, clicking the Plugins link on the admin menu, and then clicking the Data Explorer link from the left-side menu.

For self-hosted sites, the plugin can be installed by following these instructions: Install Plugins in Discourse.


Thank you Simon. I installed the data explorer plugin and was able to run sample queries.

I need help in pulling the data continuously on daily basis and stage it in my own database for future reporting. Once I have all the data, I can pull it and shape it as the requirement. Is there any good practice to do the continuous data load. Can I integrate it with some kind of scheduler like Jenkins for daily loads?