Can I add a group of users to a PM without inviting them?

Hi, I’m the admin of my self-hosted Discourse-based forum.
I’d like to restrict topic access to a certain group.
Therefore, I’ve seen that I can turn it into a PM, and then invite the users I’d like to add.

My question is: Can I skip the invitation and simply add them? I don’t want them to need to do anything (like approving, pressing buttons etc.). I simply want these users to have access to this topic.


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Have you seen and tried this guide for this?

Private categories and groups may be better than PMs, and using groups makes adding members and bulk adding them easier.


Thanks for the tip!
I actually know of this option, but I’d rather use the PM method.
The reason is that I already have another categories division for the topics, and I’d like to keep it as it is.