Can we have have one post with two different language

Hello, I want to know if we can create a new post with two different language ?

:us: Yes, you can!

:fr: Oui, vous le pouvez !

:troll: aside, Discourse only supports 1 “version” of a post. You might want to create a plugin to add support for more than 1 locale per post or use a plugin that will automatically translate posts.


Hello, this is in English.

مرحبا، وهذا هو باللغة العربية.

I used <p lang=“en”> and <p lang=“ar”> in mine, and I see the language attribute copied to the preview. I don’t see language attributes in @zogstrip’s post.

Edit: after saving, the language attribute is still there. Preview didn’t lie.

There is a plugin @tgxworld worked on which lets people click or tap to translate.


So good !! Thanks ! But where I can find this plugin ?

Here :smile:


It is so nice !

If i need another feature like this : Once I create my post with my mother language, so one other member can translate to anther language.

Does this p lang="en" and so on work too? can we translate a post by hand and also allow the translator plugin for translation by plugin/microsoft-service?

I can’t get the Translator plugin to work somehow - it never shows that nice earth-icon to translate - is there any bug tracking board or something or is nobody else using this?

The earth icon is only shown if the post is in a different language than the user’s locale. So try changing your user locale to a different language and see what happens.

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Thanks for the info -

And i change my user locale by setting a different language in USER > INTERFACE > LANGUAGE?
If so, it doesn’t work for me…

But is there a way to override the plugin translations and translate to a certain language manually? - since those pinned posts and category descriptions, important stuff i would translate to 2 languages but would want to show the user the correct language according to his user-locale, if available…

Hm, you might want to ask for help in the #plugin:translator category.

No, I don’t think so.

Yes, such sensitivity to user locale makes sense, especially for the banner post, because you can only have one. Unfortunately, it’s not possible at the moment. As a workaround, I would suggest you simply compose two separate topics and perhaps include a flag emoji in the topic title. That should work for all scenarios except for banners.

If you want to develop this into a feature request, I think the easiest way to implement this would be to make it possible to hide topics based on user locale (or perhaps: show based on user locale). That way you would simply hide the irrelevant versions of those topics for users with certain locales.


Actually, you might want to check if you could create some hack via this possibility to modify the UI based on users primary group:

I just did a facebook post - below the post was a little tag “+ write article in another language” as seen on the screenshot attached. It will transalte the text to other languages using the inline translator like the discourse translator plugin should do but it is possible to manually translate the article into other languages - this is how i would imagine it to behave…

Any way this can be a feature request? i imagine everyone must be interested in this, since it’s important to be multi lingual nowadays!?

There are differences between Facebook and Discourse. A main one here is that Facebook has what I imagine to be warehouses with banks of servers while most Discourse sites would be running a single server.

I imagine at some point a Discourse hosting provider may have some kind of “enterprise” option that could offer translations without depending on a third party. But I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen. Such a feature would be a massive undertaking.

It is one thing to have translations for known UI text (which IMHO Discourse does well), it is entirely different to have translations for random post text content.

I am not part of the CDCK team, but I don’t see this happening as a Core feature anytime soon. And when and if it does, I imagine it would be a “premium” feature to help pay for the extra cost that would be incurred.

IMHO, the best approach for most Discourse sites at this time would be to use the plugin.

I think you misunderstood… I just mentioned FB cause i saw they now have pretty much exactly the functionality i was thinking of.

The translation functionality that i have seen on FB today is just what the translator plugin could do. I am not asking for discourses own translation service or anything - just a friendly UI option to enter your own translation for a post…

Just same thing as was discussed above - would just need a + button to add your own translation for a post --> choose language, see the standard-language text (for example english), OR as in FB’s case, the already translated (by MS or google service) text -> modify it -> save it.
–> User would see either standard language (f.e. English), or the translation the admin entered manually if available for that locale, OR have the option to use MS or google service to translate.

I don’t see why it would need an extraordinary effort for all that - just storing additional text… the mentioned “hack” above may make this possible but i am not a developer and hacks may make upgrading a nightmare,…

I just think most people may at some point want to translate a post themselves - like a globally pinned introduction of their brand or descriptoin of the forum or something… there such a feature would be important, wouldn’t it?

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