Category home - boxes with recent category posts?

Has there been any thought of including a category home screen option that would simple show the most recent posts in each top lavel category?

There currently are two options out of the box, one for subcategories, and one for featured topics. But the recent posts could provide a consolidated view while still keeping a sense of dynamism to the page.

This already exists. Categories with featured posts.


Doesn’t featured posts mean that an admin has to manually select which posts to appear on the home screen? Perhaps I’m missing something, I just wanted it to pull the latest. Is there a way to set that the featured are the latest?

Is this the category layout you’re talking about? This is “Categories with Featured Topics”

In this case we more literally mean “Categories featuring latest topics for each”

Where other options like “Categories and latest topics” mean a list of categories and a separate list of latest topics (which aren’t correlated directly to categories, so it’s possible one category dominates the entire latest list)

The setup wizard makes this a little more clear with visual examples


Similar, but I wanted to use the boxes layout. Haven’t checked how it’s called in English.

I wasn’t sure how the featured topics were selected, but I had noticed that one of the categories for example only showed one topic. Last night when I did try it, I was seeing posts from 2017, though now the featured posts do seem to be fresher.