Changes in the way Youtube embeds and/or thumbnails are being handled?

Was there a recent change to the way Youtube embeds and thumbnails are handled?

It looks like most videos have lost black bars that were incredibly annoying and forced me to write some additional image processing to remove them.

Also has there been a forced rebake in a recent update?

This is a welcome change, but just wanted some clarity on what happened.


Yes, there’s this recent big change replacing lazy-yt:

And this one addressing the annoying black bars:

Not sure about the forced rebake though.


Thanks @renato I should have delved into the source.

@jancernik this is a really great improvement, thanks!


I’m glad you liked it! The old plugin that was used to handle lazy loading for YouTube was written in jQuery and had some issues. So, we decided to modernize it. The rebake was needed because we made some slight changes in the way we store attributes for the embed, which now allows us to use this type of lazy loading on other providers like Vimeo.
Feel free to reach out if you have more feedback on it.


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