Cloudfront cdn with discourse?

Hey, I am a noob :frowning:. can someone help me add CloudFront CDN to my forum? Thanks for any help :jobs:

Maybe do a search and find Enable a CDN for your Discourse? And if that doesn’t tell you what you need to know then you’ll need to go somewhere else to figure out cloudfront. is very easy to figure out.

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I don;t have much of funds for that rn. Using aws free tier now.

Bunnycdn is cheaper than AWS free tier.


Any specific guide for aws cloudfront would be appreciated.

Will you have your forum next year too? It won’t be free anymore then.

But are you sure you need CDN at all? I mean it may help a little if you have global audience and a lot images, or you are using data center far away from your users — otherwise not so much.

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Move to another free tier account? Or I’ll just pay from my adsense earning

With free web hosting top of a CDN of forum you really need some adsense revenue :wink:

Sure. Using another free tier is one solution. But the main point is free tiers are meaningless when one will have an operation on years. So, it is more smart move to understand what real costs are and do you get any benefits.

It is not different than finding out VPS where free webhostings are served will cost, because that is not free either — compared to that any costs of CDN are near to nothing.

As @pfaffman said, it is easier to read docs first and then ask if something doesn’t work. It is not that difficult setup, even for noob — I did it, and I’m just another copypaster :rofl:


Yep just earning $1 a day :frowning_face:
I will move to a DO droplet when I get the money.

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That’s awesome! So in 12 days you’ll have enough for a digital ocean droplet. You likely don’t need CDNs unless you’re getting so much traffic that the host is overworked.

But hey, the address verification doesn’t come. And I have only made $13.71! 50 cents p/day now. LOL, downhill :frowning:.

Also, some twemoji icons look awkward…

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Also, anyone knows how to disable the your full name (optional) user field on the whole site? I cant find any topic on that :frowning:

I’m not sure it can be removed.
If it can’t, it can be easily hidden with CSS I guess:

Hmm also take a loot at the enable_names site setting.

It may remove the field in the registration form too.

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Hey, I used the ads plugin, but ads just don’t show up! I followed this How to Setup Google Adsense in Discourse ( No luck. Any help? Forum: