Could a List of Recommended Topics Be Added to the Top Menu?

I’ve been contemplating a variation of this idea. Instead of thinking about topics related by tags or categories, consider them based on their semantic similarity. While not all semantically related topics will neatly form a sphere, it’s helpful to think about them that way. Imagine a sphere starting as a single topic; as more topics are added, the sphere expands, but it has a limited size after a while. Yet, more topics can be added within the sphere as it grows and over time even after reaching full size. Think of this like a fireworks display in the sky, with rapid explosions representing topics with different semantic similarities being added over time. This analogy helps me understand the concept better. I’m particularly interested in those rapid explosions and those that linger and twinkle for a long period. If one were to also have a visual representation of this it would be nice to pick semantic centers and tailor a paragraph about that.

This topic when using Show Full Post shows a real image of semantic related topics.


Here is a visual that is closer to what I am thinking.

The image is from here

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