Creating alternate user directory


I’m curious if anyone has advice on how to achieve an alternate user directory.


I’m aware of the /users functionality, but we’re looking for the ability to sort by a variety of variables, including group affiliation. Instead of navigating to the individual pages for each group and viewing there, we were thinking of exporting the user data and creating a spreadsheet that we’d make available.

This seems a little clunky to me. Has anyone else done something similar?

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You might find the Discourse API Documentation useful for this.

Using the API you could build a simple SPA for displaying users. Alternatively you might be able to pipe Discourse’s data into something like Airtable, but this is fairly uncharted territory.


Hi Erlend,

Thanks for your reply. Would you be able to give some more info on your SPA solution? I don’t have the expertise to do it myself, but I want to know how to frame my request when I outsource it.

Simply put, anything you as a user can see and interact with on the Discourse front-end (e.g. is data that can be pulled in and rendered by a different app by using our API. So basically what you want to do is mock up the alternate user directory you want, and say “build this by using the Discourse API as a backend”.