Custom tag query for homepage?

I was reading this blog article

and I noticed a reference to “tag queries” on a custom home page:

I know that I can search by tag with the format tags:XXX in the search bar. I also know that I can re-create the search via the resulting URL. But what I do not understand is how to retrieve for a home page or static page just the list of posts corresponding to the search and not all the other stuff in a search response.

Do I need to use the API and build a web app to get a custom query such as this - or is there some other trick?

The custom homepage you’re referencing pulls in the topics from a tag using AJAX and an endpoint like this:

If you want to get the contents of a search (can you clarify what you mean by “all the other stuff”?):

For more details about finding the data that populates a specific page, you can look here: