Customise Sign-up form design

Hey everyone!

I have been hunting high and low for some topic on this, I can’t find anything so please redirect me to any appropriate resource if it exists.

I am using the standard sign-up form that comes with Discourse, however, I can’t seem to figure a way of changing the design. I’m totally happy with the content fields, it’s just the look I’m bothered about.

Essentially, I want to make the background one of our brand colours and maybe even include a PNG of one of the avatars we use in our community.

Something like this (done in Photoshop):

If anyone can give me a push with this, that’d be great!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


You can change the background by adding CSS. Admin → Customize, select your theme or create a new the component → edit HTML/CSS → CSS tab.

If you want to modify the HTML code, you need to override the signup modal template. More info here: Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes

Depending of where you want to add your image, I think all your modifications can be done via CSS only.


Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

I’m a bit of a noob so will have to play in my sandbox to find the best solution for me :slight_smile: