Database Access required for our forum

Hi Team,

Could you please help me on accessing the community forum database? We had no idea about how to access it and need to know the top viewed topics.

Is this what you are looking for?

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Thanks!! I have already tried this but it shows me to upgrade to business plan.

Is there any other way for accessing database. May be through backend or any other way?

I don’t believe so. You might also look at search tools that might let you sort by views.

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thanks, that might help. But also want to know about the way to update the database if possible.

On the SaaS version of discourse, You don’t have access to the database or application server. All the updates are being managed by the discourse engineers. If you’d like to access (not recommended) the database directly yourself, You may consider self hosting.

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If you self-host, you also have the option of installing the data explorer plugin, which in many cases is probably better than direct db access.

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What is self hosting?

If you have an Internet facing host, a domain, mail servers and a whole lot of time, you can install Discourse and run it your own server: discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

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