"DataExplorer::ValidationError: Missing parameter end_date of type string

I’m trying to run a data explorer query using the api, and I’m getting a missing parameter error for some strange reason?

The request has the parameter in it for sure:
POST /community/admin/plugins/explorer/queries/2/run?end_date=2020-5-15&duration_days=30

Yet I still get the following “DataExplorer::ValidationError: Missing parameter end_date of type string”

Anyone have an idea what I’m doing wrong here?

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Have a look at the examples in this topic: How to run Data Explorer queries with the Discourse API. The first code example shows how to pass Data Explorer parameters with the request.


Ah yeah I figured out that I needed to pass the http params in a param named param. Why not take all the http params and pass them down to the backend so that callers can use standard http params? It feels kinda weird to have a param param

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