Deep link to profile edit page

My users have trouble navigating to their profile edit page. And I have a heart time explaining it to them.

  1. Click your avatar top right
  2. Click the ‘person icon’ for preferences
  3. Then again click ‘preferences’ but this time with the ’ gear icon’
  4. Then look up Profile, third from the top in the vertical menu on the left.

For my taste, not a UX expert, 4 steps is too many and to me a bit confusing as well. As a result there is too much friction and I notice people don’t update their profile after sign-up.

Quick-fix: is there a way to put a direct/universal link to the profile editing page? Tried to go with some user parameters by looking at some e-mail templates but to no avail.

Structurally: this probably works as designed? do others think there is potential to improve navigate to the user profile editing page?

I am no coder or UX designer, but happy to help evaluate or brainstorm other designs…


Try this:




Ah that’s just awesome for quick fix, thanks so much!

The structural things is more of a discussion topic probably.

You can also add that to the hamburger menu:


You can try the ‘my’ path. Replace the username with my and you should be able to deeplink to any of the user section

For example, anyone can use this link to go to their meta account