Discourse Bars 🍻 🍸 (a sidebar framework)

So this was nothing to do with “Bars”, great.

the settings description describes the options.

Basically anything on the Discovery page is “discovery” except for “categories”, “tag” and a specific “category” which are covered by those terms.

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My sincere apologies if I am being slow on this :pray:

I can see in the README.md this line…

  • Supports setups for each of: discovery, topic, tag, category OR categories.

In case it is helpful to others, a search on the term discovery provides this helpful reference about “discovery”:


Yes, this is a good point you raise. And I can see how this might create confusion.

This nomenclature, whilst it’s talked about every so often on Meta, especially by developers (as its referenced a lot in code), is missing from Discourse New User Guide and something that is only picked up upon by new people if they engage in discussions specifically related to that functionality.

@JammyDodger do we need to think about addressing that in that guide? Where does someone learn about “Discovery” routes?


I’m not sure it’s used very often as a ‘front end’ term for users. I think I only ever see it in theme components/dev. I’m not sure where the best place to put it would be? It feels more like an ‘admin’ word, though I’m not sure if there’s a guide for that.


For now I’ve added footnotes to the OP of this Topic, thanks



  • Supports all bars
  • Can switch either off with settings.
  • Refresh browser to reset dismiss.

(still needs a bit of work on Topic page!)


Topic behaviour has been improved with collapse and dismiss.


New release:

  • introduces a new widget bars-custom-html which now provides the default example settings and allows you to create widgets that are just custom html.
  • adopts the params system from RSB[1] so should be compatible with some of the same widgets
  • is a breaking change which may require re-installation or fiddling with any existing settings as params will be missing for any settings you have already created.

@ckshen you were looking for Custom HTML support?

  1. credit to @pmusaraj for that work ↩︎


Hello! Please tell me how to add a frame from Twitch to “D”, for example

This is aimed at developers. If you need help with creating a specific widget:


Thanks for the feature! We used to use the layout plugin to put the map on topic lists. Having the option definitely gives us the possibilities to implement something similar. We will have to think through how to implement it.


Feel free to PR to Locations to add support and I will review. Or you can fund me to do it.


Fix for route transitions.


Small feature, you can now selectively minimise a bar by default (though it currently has global impact to all routes)

This now works with Bars:

(you are recommended to use the top bar!!)

Updated last post, the plugin is now a theme component :rocket: