Discourse Calendar

Is there an way this could be done as a component rather than a plugin? Would it even be feasible to refactor it as a component (albeit a lot of work perhaps)?

There is a problem with plugins for those of us using locked down servers where we don’t have any shell access let alone sudo. Once you persuaded the powers that control it to install discourse for you the only configuration you can do is from the user interface, and if you are lucky some kind of file manager access like ftp to your webspace.

Plugins can only be installed by geeks it seems :frowning_face: Or am I wrong about that? I can’t find any instructions for installing a plugin without using ssh.

It would be radically different and significantly less usable as a component. The plugin relies on on deep integration to mark dates in the cal based on post content.

A trivial calendar component is doable but all the information for the calendar has to be captured in a single post.


Thanks @Sam that’s rather what I thought. So it goes.
It is a bit of a disadvantage of Discourse in that it requires a tame geek to manage it in depth. Other systems have other disadvantages, but this can be a big one for some peeps.

My usecase here would be that we have a Google Calendar that has all the events of a project which we would love to display on the forums but also be able to add events from the forums to it.

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Hi there! It seems there were some new features rolled out into this plugin. It’d be great to hear more about them, there seem to be some exciting new options in the admin site settings for the plugin, and an interesting new hamburger menu item. :slight_smile:

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The features you speak of are still in alpha (though functional), but we’ll be happy to announce more once they’re polished up!


Great, looking forward to hearing more! Since getting the most recent updates our production site has been getting intersting new UI elements (unfortunately with incorrect data) automatically added to posts when they are created, e.g.:

This sounds like it might be a bug but wanted to let ya know. I will poke around at the new settings in hope there’s a way to (temporarily at least) disable the behavior. (Which could prove interesting and useful!)


You can disable with post event enabled site setting.

Concerning the metadata, yes we don’t support all formats yet, more should come by next week.

Be sure to update to latest.


This is extreeeeemely alpha stuff you are looking at to be clear!


I have the same issue. Recurring events don’t show up in the calendar or the list. Is anyone looking into this?