Discourse Encrypt (for Private Messages)

@udan11 I posted a bug to do with Discourse Encrypt… 'min trust to edit post' setting interfering with Discourse Encrypt:



I don’t think we should show this “I already have an encryption key” message when it’s not activated at all?


(also, there doesn’t seem to be validation feedback for what gets put into this field):


Amazing plugin, 100% support it however for non-tech and I-just-clicked-that-what-do-I-do people the reset key pair button is not clear enough so I would recommend changing it into ‘Cancel encryption and reset keys.’ - or something similar, completely fine if not.


@udan11 I am just trying out the exploding messages feature, having updated with latest commits to the plugin. Amazing!!!

You’ve probably already thought of this, the accompanying email notifications really should have added text so that the recipient knows that the message will self-destruct in x mins/hrs (whatever the sender has selected.) Right now, all it says is:

This is a secret message with end to end encryption. You must visit the topic to view it.

And if a user clicks on the link in the email notification, they get to this screen:

So, a recipient is likely to be mighty confused and/or frustrated if they try to visit the topic after it’s been destroyed, without any explanation in the email message they get.

It could say something like “The message will self-destruct and be deleted from the system in x mins/hrs”


Thanks, @kris.kotlarek built it! :confetti_ball:

Agree we can do better with the note in the email, I think the error page is reasonable, but the email should at least say when the whole message is going to explode so there are less surprises.


I changed that to “Disable encryption” (as opposed to “Enable encryption”. Clicking the button will show the modal which provides more information and many warnings. :slight_smile: