Discourse on Cloud Run

I believe that it’s possible. What I would do is build an image with launcher, push it to a repo, and then launch it. You’ll need postgres and redis somehow, and assets on S3. I helped someone do this recently for kubernetes with their helm, terraform, aptible tool set; now a push to github builds a new image and launches it in K8s. It took me and a couple of very talented engineers about 10 hours of my time (and likely another day or two without me) to get all the pieces in place. If you have a budget, I’ll be happy to help. I’ve been toying with the idea of offering pre-built images that I would support, but haven’t figured out pricing and logistics. Also, I have access to a Google engineer who could possibly help us out as part of his job.

What’s supported here for free is the standard install. If you get stuck and have a very specific question, you might get it here, but mostly you’ll be on your own, as it’s just too hard to support every conceivable way to manage things and I haven’t heard of anyone using cloud run (I hadn’t heard of it at all).

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