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(Chris Klugewicz) #102

I’m seeing a weird issue … whenever one of our mods/admins adds a category, all the category colors in the theme disappear:

Here’s what the category settings look like:

When I click on the blue square (next to the tan one that’s currently checked), here’s what happens:

Note that the color correctly turns blue next to the little lock icon, but the wrong box gets checked (the black one instead of the blue one) and the tan one remains checked.

Is this a theme issue or a Discourse issue?

We are setting up our Discourse at the moment, and losing the category colors every time anyone makes a change is troublesome, though not a total disaster, but it’d be nice to not have to re-color them so often. :wink:

(Joe) #103

Thanks for reporting @cjk77

That sounds very troublesome :grin:

So I tried to create a new category while using the theme and I cannot reproduce the issue, but that doesn’t mean anything just yet.

Would it be possible for you to check if the issue occurs while using the default theme?

As for the second issue with the wrong box being ticked. The tick mark lets you know which colors have already been used by other categories. It doesn’t show you which color you’ve currently selected.

For example, before your category colors got wiped (:sunflower:), your screen would have probably had a lot more checked colors like so:

I will keep trying to reproduce the first issue and will update if I do :wine_glass:

(Chris Klugewicz) #104

Oooooooooooooooooooh!! Thanks for that explanation! I couldn’t figure out why it worked that way, but that’s actually awesome!

I’ll see if the color weirdness happens on the default theme. I have a second instance set up for testing, will fool around there.

(Chris Klugewicz) #105

Well, I have been unable to reproduce that category color issue … no idea what happened there :man_shrugging:

One thing I found in your lovely theme is that the entries on the “Groups” page don’t have a background, making them difficult to see against the site background:

(Joe) #106

v0.64 is out please update

Great @cjk77 I’m glad the category colors issue is resolved :grinning:

:sweat_smile: great catch thanks for reporting.

I’ve added backgrounds that match the topic list. So now readability should be much better. screenshots:



I noticed the admin was a bit squashed. this was reported before by @8BIT and resolved but creeped up again. So now the admin is back to default.



subcategories are now more defined:

subcategory color badge

I was not very happy with inputs so I spent time cleaning up things but ended up removing everything and started from scratch as it was getting sloppy :grimacing:

Things should look a lot cleaner / more consistent now but I’m still not finished.

I believe the changes will resolve all input related bugs that have been reported so far. If something is still quirky, please bring it up again :ok_hand:

I’m also very open if you have suggestions regarding inputs. :wine_glass:


Your support of this theme is superb. Will update today and provide feedback!

(Chris Klugewicz) #108

One of my users pointed out another spot that’s missing a background over the background: the member list for an individual Group, as well as the “Activity”, “Edit Group”, and “Logs” tabs …

(Keyboardstaff) #109

404 pages cannot display theme.:grimacing:

(Sam Saffron) #110

Can you try latest, I shuffled some stuff around yesterday which may have improved this

(Joe) #111

v0.65 is out please update

Ha! it’s like a wasteland there @cjk77! thanks for bringing these up :grin:

I’ll keep it short. All fixed :sweat_smile:
(but not finished, so feedback/suggestions always welcome :champagne:)

Before / after:

Thanks for reporting this @keyboardstaff I looked at the 404 page but the theme is applied. Maybe try what @sam mentioned above? :sunflower:

Here’s what it looked like on my screen:

Having said that, I notieced that it’s lacking so I spent a couple of minutes there and here’s what it looks like now:


(Keyboardstaff) #112

Discourse I’ve updated it to the latest.


Vincent Theme updated to v0.65

But the problem still exists!

(Joe) #113

Do you see errors in the console?

I visited your app. Here’s what I see:

(Chrome 63)

(Keyboardstaff) #114

Chrome 64.0.3282.119

Console did not errors.

(Joe) #115

I will keep checking @keyboardstaff

(Keyboardstaff) #116


There’s a problem with color matching in the font here.

Help us test select-kit
(Joe) #117

:ok_hand: I see this too. Will fix it in the next update.

I can now also reproduce the other problem with the 404 page.

If I go to


but does not occur if I go to


I get a page without the theme / and no errors in the console. I don’t think this is limited to Vincent only but I will keep checking.

I am on


(Joe) #118

v0.66 is out please read carefully :warning:

This version includes color scheme modifications and so it needs a fresh install. I’m sorry for the inconvenience but there’s nothing I can do about it (I have not had the time to write up presentable bug report for the issue)

I’ll just quote myself here from earlier:

The changes:

I spent a bit of time on the color

Moderator highlight has been bugging me for a while. Some of the color combinations were…ugly. So I’ve moved the highlight to the side border of the post. Here’s a before and after

New is on top:

You may have also noticed the new curved borders.

Everything now will have slightly rounded corners here’s an apples to apples comparison:

Now let’s say rounded borders are not your thing. So here’s what you need to do to remove them.

add this to a theme that wraps around Vincent:

$border-radius-switch: "off";

I won’t go into more details about that unless someone asks about it :sunflower:

Now, here’s what the new color schemes look like: (some have not changed by the way they are used have)






And the new addition to the color schemes :fire:


I’ve spent a bit of time on the navigation menu. It now behaves a little bit differently and is on the overall not so bulky.

and here’s another screenshot with a different color scheme:

If you want to enable your users to select more than one color scheme follow the steps at the bottom of this post:
Discourse Vincent theme



Looks very good. If you do this theme on white version, it would be great. :grinning:


Verry nice!.

The Group section could need some love too. The avatar style for using font-awesome classes looks realy ugly imho. Would be nice to see some changes there.

Here is some css to improve the look:

.group-info .avatar-flair, 
.groups-table .groups-info .avatar-flair {
    border-radius: 50%;
    width: 40px;
    height: 40px;
    align-items: center;
    justify-content: center;
    display: flex;
    i {
        font-size: 1.75em !important;

The result:

(Joe) #121

Awesome, glad you like it :sunflower:

Yes there will be a light version and I’m actually working on it. :grin:

I agree this needs some love :heart:

Awesome! this will up in the next version. :grin: :ok_hand:

thank you :wine_glass: