Docker Images without Docker Hub?

I’d like to build my own, and potentially simplify the discourse docker setup a bit. I already have an nginx setup on this server, so that is redundant. Also, for the sake of security, it would be nice to build and host locally our own discourse docker images. Do any of you devs do this? It isn’t obvious how minimal the base image is, either. I typically like to use images based on alpine. With our own nginx setup, we can then use letsencrypt, for example.

Welcome to the club of people who want simple Docker image setups. You probably want to read:

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Let’s encrypt is already supported in the existing install.


If you wanna to go into an unsupported route for learning purposes the base Dockerfile can be found here:


Do you guys build the images that you use for hosting with that dockerfile or by building them with that dockerfile plus pups?

We use this very same base image that is published to DockerHub and pinned in our launcher.

Meta is deployed using the same stuff everyone uses, a ./launcher bootstrap app creates the image and everything. Using the same tools ensure we can hit most problems earlier and fix those before they are pushed to everyone.