Docker/Kubernetes: Location of launcher


I am trying to deploy the discourse base image into a kubernetes cluster.
The build of the base image works but obviously the CMD part that should start the launcher is missing.

I already tried to search the launcher on /var/discourse, but I am unable to find it (root looks like a normal ubuntu root directory…).
Does anyone know where the launcher is located within the docker base image?

Thank you for your support :slight_smile:


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You can’t. You’ll need to create a custom image that has a little more stuff in it than the base image includes. For some hints on what you’ll need to do, see Can Discourse ship frequent Docker images that do not need to be bootstrapped? for starters.

I’m working on the same problem and hope to have a solution (that solves my specific set of problems) in the next month. I won’t share it here because it’ll be a support nightmare that meta is not designed to handle. At some point I will consider making those images available, but only when I’m sure that meta won’t be flooded with support requests.

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@pfaffman, How has finding the solution to this problem gone? Any other tips and tricks? I’m about to dive down this rabbit hole myself.

I think I’ve got it figure out, though I haven’t yet automated it. I’ve got several other things going on that have that pushed back a bit. If you have a budget, I’d be happy to help out. You can PM me or see contact info in my profile.

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@technik, Did you get the base image deployed on Kubernetes? Any tips or issues you’d like to share?