Does Discourse consider integrate JsDelivr?

JsDelivr is a fantastic static source CDN provider, can you guys integrate it into Discourse so that user can use them easily?

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Should I move this topic to “plugin”?

As a theme author, you can choose to use a CDN for scripts you add in your theme components. That works already, and there is no more we can do to “integrate” with a JS CDN provider.

See also: Should I load third-party libraries from vendor or cdn?

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What I want is this:

He collect all the assets and then publish it to GitHub so that JsDelivr or cdnjs or whatever static CDN can use it.

I just want to ask is there a simple way that allows user to collect all the assets? Because I discover that not all the assets are in the public folder. Some js/css seems used from somewhere else.